1 Kej – Today’s Ch’umil & Trecena Prayer


Nawal KiejKej is the energy of the forests and nature. It represents calmness, balance, and harmony. Number 1 symbolizes unity, it is a number that contains within it the strength and knowledge we need to learn and absorb. The convergence of these two energies enable us to connect to the wisdom that Mother Earth wants to share with us. Take some time during this day to connect to nature, she has so much to give you, ask these energies that you can listen to and understand her profound teachings and advice.
The energy of Kej has influence over the next thirteen days (trecena). Flow with and connect to this energy to absorb its strength, balance, and harmony.  During these days ask for the protection of Mother Earth, elevate your prayers for her.

Trecena Prayer by Don Pedro Ixchop

I thank you for this sacred day Ajaw, I ask you to strengthen my feet and my hands. I also ask you to strengthen my thoughts at every moment of my life, to prevent me from falling into the temptation of the adversary, of the enemy of the Sacred Spirituality. This will be the strength of my eyes, so that they will maintain the prosperity in your presence Ajaw, Heart of the Sky; Heart of Mother Earth. I ask you that my eyes won’t fall into the temptation of the adversaries, and in this way I can continue my spiritual offerings. That the mission that was given to me in this life will help me Ajaw, and that it will help Mother Earth. I ask that my mission of Chuchqajaw will be the strength of all the people that follow me in Maya Spirituality, and that I won’t feel any tiredness while being at your service Ajaw.  Maltiox, Maltiox, Maltiox, and four times Maltiox Ajaw.

Ajaw  Great Father or Supreme Being

Chuchqajaw  The name used to refer to the Father and Mother of the Universe. It is also the Name used to refer to the earthly guides or authorities. *In Maya culture what happens in the spirit world is replicated on earth.

Maltiox  Thank you

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