13 Tz’i’ – Today’s Maya Day Sign (Nawal)


Nawal Tz'i'Tz’i’ represents the spiritual authorities; its energy is related to writing, particularly Sacred Writing. It is the symbol of the great scribes. Number 13 contains strength, wisdom and experience. This day connects you to the Sacred Words, it allows you to interpret their meaning and use their teachings as your main guide to walk your spiritual path. This is the last day of the Tijax trecena (thirteen days) light a candle to thank Tijax for all the paths it has opened for you during this thirteen day cycle.

Denise Barrios
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  • Sue-Anne Sole

    Greetings, Denise!

    Are you related to Carlos Barrios? I have been using his Book of Destiny as a daily “bible” for the last seven years, a bit more than 10 260 day tuns. It is the center of my life! Is Carlos still alive? Do you know? How might I contact him?

    I am pleased to find you and make contact with you. I was searching today for the special meaning of 13 t’zi. I have only just begun to be curious about the trecena.


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