12 Iq’ – Creation to Realization for Cholq’ij New Year


Nawal Iq'IQ’ is the wind; it is the power that this element brings. The wind is the element that nurtures, purifies, and gives strength to the mind and the thoughts. It is the one that increases our ability to direct the mental power. Within the chain of Creation of the twenty Ch’umilal, Iq’ allows us to transcend the limitations of the mind, to transmute our reality, which is a dimensional creation you can access. The work consist of selecting and focusing on your strength (the power consist in confidence, it is knowing that you can do something, not even thinking about it, just knowing it. When you rationalize or meditate on what you are able to do, you block yourself. It is simply to be determined, it’s saying, “I’m going to do something”, and then doing it.)  One can guide things, the problem is that we are too rational and we are led by the “cannots”. The work we have to do is to rebuild our reality. Enough with reason, materialism, the system, and the fear to be free. When we are immersed in the material and the mental we cannot perceive Creation, of which we are a part of and which we configure. The system is a coercion that keeps us hemmed, it is a plot that uses our energy and which doesn’t allow us to be free, and that is the struggle, to break the structures. If we become aware of this “miracle” it will reach a point in which we will be able to travel to higher tiers or levels outside of this we call reality, in the way we will connect to the Supra-World. Work with your breathing, with the search of the air and the wind; the wind of the East, West, North, and South, to purify yourself.

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