11 Tijax – Today’s Maya Day Sign (Ch’umil)


Nawal TijaxTijax is the double-bladed knife, it is the energy that helps us open the new paths that lie before us. Number 11 represents the tests and challenges of life that teach us and which we transmute into knowledge. Work with the energy of 11 Tijax to open new paths for your development using all the lessons you have learned through difficult times.

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    Thank you Sacred Road – Saq Be’ for the great works and tradition (and all great Mayan Elders, Teachers and Medicine Men and Women) for the continuing education and enlightenment.

    As usual, we had another question regarding the calendar. Do the true Mayan Elders
    and Teachers teach that trecenas follow an energetic curve and wave, like the
    wave of the ocean? The trecena cycle slowly builds to a peak and then descends to it’s lowest point? A natural beginning and an ending to every cycle? ” Everything in the universe has a rhythm and frequency. Energy builds to it’s peak on Tones 6, 7, 8, and 9, then gradually declines. Low energy days are Tones of inner work. Peak days are good for anything that requires or benefits from your peak performance.” (Found from https://earnestlydebra.wordpress.com/13-day-trecena-guide/ ) …. Though, we follow Saq Be, primarily.

    • Adam Rubel

      Thanks for the question. Although I’m not familiar with the numbers being described as a wave, it is consistent with the descriptions we’ve heard of the numbers building like a pyramid – 1 and 13 are the base, with the peak at 8 for male and 9 for female. There are a lot of discrepancies in terms of how different elders, clans and communities describe the numbers. One of our future research project will be to support the Ajq’ij to visit the different elders to reconcile an understanding. You can of course see a description of the meaning of each of the numbers on the site, which is very functional in understanding aspects of the qualities each of the numbers bring. Hope this helps.

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