10 Ajpu – Creation to Realization for Cholq’ij New Year


Nawal AjpuAJPU is the Ch’umil that represents father Sun, the Heart of the Sky, the Creation energy which allows us to develop in every plane of existence. It causes cyclical changes. In the K’atun (a cycle of twenty years) it marks the energies by which humanity is governed, and it also affects the great cycles like the Baktun (5,200 years). Ajpu represents renovation, the new that comes with every dawn. It is also the old, the experiences we have lived, which are represented by the dusk, by the twilight.  It is the transition. The wise elders paid a lot of attention to the zero shadow or zenith sun (when the sun in located at the zenith and its light comes down vertically, producing no shadows). That is the mystery of the Ajpu, the secret is that zero point where nothing affects you, because nothing moves you. It is in Ajpu that we must connect, for it gives us clarity and strength, the energies that we need, mostly in these times in which the changes are demanding that certainty, clarity, and the determination of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy that we need at this moment in which our purpose of life as integrated human beings is to access a new dimension. To remain trapped in the way of life that we currently have, is to be tied up to the limitation and lack of balance that we have caused. We have to take responsibility, remember that spirituality is a “conscious action”.

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