10 AJMAQ ~ Today’s Ch’umil


Nawal AjmaqThe Ch’umil of this day brings the energy of learning through experience. Ajmaq is the manifestation of curiosity, it is the force that drives us in our search for knowledge, that makes us question all things. It is the secret knowledges that are revealed to us when we achieve consciousness. Today this sign flows in harmony with number 10, an energy in a state of containment which is about to break the limits; when we activate its power this number gives us the impulse we need to reach our purposes. The energies of this day tell us that our curiosity, our ability to question without assuming that we are the possessors of all the answers, of the absolute truth, is what will allow us to acquire profound wisdom. Let us open our minds to find new realities, let us absorb new knowledge every day. This year Ajaw 9 Iq’ is the carrier of time, the influence of its power nurtures our mind with new ideas and wisdom, especially on the spiritual plane. May we be always driven by the curiosity and creativity that these energies grant us so that our being remains in constant evolution and development. Today I want to remember the words of my father, Carlos Barrios, who said that those who have allowed themselves to dream about something different are the ones who have transformed the world. So let’s dare to renew our knowledge and have new dreams in order to become the creators of new realities.
El Ch’umil de este día trae la energía del aprendizaje por medio de la experiencia. Ajmaq es la manifestación de la curiosidad, es la fuerza que nos impulsa en nuestra búsqueda de conocimiento, que nos hace cuestionar las cosas. Es el conocimiento secreto que nos es revelado cuando alcanzamos la conciencia. Hoy este signo fluye en armonía con el número 10 que es una energía en estado de contención, a punto de romper los límites; cuando activamos su fuerza este número nos da todo el empuje que necesitamos para alcanzar nuestros propósitos. Las energías de este día nos indican que nuestra curiosidad, nuestra capacidad de cuestionar sin asumir que somos poseedores de todas las respuestas o de la verdad absoluta, es la que nos va a permitir adquirir una sabiduría profunda. Abramos nuestra mente a encontrar nuevas realidades, absorbamos cada día nuevos conocimientos. Este año Ajaw 9 Iq’ es el cargador del tiempo, la influencia de su poder alimenta nuestra mente de nuevas ideas y sabidurías, especialmente en el plano espiritual. Que la curiosidad y creatividad que nos brindan estas energías siempre nos impulse para que nuestro ser se mantenga en constante evolución y desarrollo. Hoy recuerdo las palabras de mi padre, Carlos Barrios, quien decía que aquellos que se han permitido soñar algo diferente son quienes han transformado el mundo. Atrevámonos pues a renovar nuestros conocimientos, a tener nuevos sueños para ser creadores de nuevas realidades.

Denise Barrios
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  • Dear Denise,
    I have been following Carlos’ wisdom for many years now, on a daily basis. I think I might have met you, or at least seen you, at Blake’s in Antigua when I came for the Sufi retreat and weekend with Carlos last February.

    I was so very saddened by the news of his passing, and I think about him often.

    I don’t know where you are living now, but I am coming to Lake Atitlan for a workshop with Mark Elmy in San Marcos, whom you may know. I will be in Guatemala from Mar 8 until Mar 22. If there is a possibility of getting together, I would love to do so.

    I follow the calendar each day and have been combining the ancient Mayan wisdom with that of the Sufi tradition, writing about and composing songs to go with each Nawal, using some of Carlos’ words, and those of a Sufi teacher, from the book The Sufi Book of Life. In essence, my two bibles have been The Book of Destiny and The Book of Life.

    I look forward to hearing back from you,
    Con amor,
    Sue-Anne (Susana)

  • Denise, I don’t know what I’d do without your daily writings to guide me, for quite a few years now. Maltiox X 4 and then 4 more!
    I am remembering your father, and count myself among the very fortunate to have been mentored by him via his amazing book and through his teachings and readings via the Internet. He, and you, and Lena have changed my life permanently and positively, and I cannot thank you enough.

    All blessings on you, and it is my great wish that our paths cross in the not-too-distant future. Big love also to you and Lena and Adam.

    Cathie Stivers

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