1 Tz’i’ ~ Today’s Ch’umil & Trecena Prayer


Nawal Tz'i'Tz’i’ represents authority and justice; it is the energy of the material and spiritual law, of the righteous path. Number 1 is the beginning; it contains a great power, but it lacks the experience. During this trecena (thirteen days) connect to the energy of Tz’i’ and ask for its power and intervention to solve any problems and injustices that may appear on your path.

Trecena Prayer from Don Pedro Ixchop

In this sacred day Cholq’ij Tz’i’ Ajaw, I ask that in your presence Ajaw Heart of the Sky and Heart of Mother Earth there is no rumor, slander, or defamation from false accusers that can involve me; that all blasphemy from my enemies is discarded by your divine force. I ask that all falsehood in the words is abhorred by the people, so that we can live at peace, Ajaw Heart of the Sky and Heart of Mother Earth. I ask you to purify my ears from the gossip and the false testimony, I ask you to purify my mind, my hands, my feet, and my soul Ajaw Heart of the Sky and Heart of Mother Earth.
I ask you Ajaw that all lies are soon completely elucidated so that they cause no harm in me and in my sons and daughters. I’m grateful, Ajaw, for not being involved in any rumors from people who are unfaithful to your sacred word, so that there is no threat or intimidation to me or to the creatures that follow you, Ajaw. For this reason I kneel  in your presence, I talk with you, and I worship you with all my heart and devotion , because I trust you Ajaw, because I have had faith in you from the beginning until the end of my existence, Heart of the Sky and Heart of Mother Earth. I ask you to save me and free me from all wicked gossips throughout my life. Free me from all temptation of lust, arrogance, and lie; let all those desires be vanished with your divine force, Ajaw Heart of the Sky and Heart of Mother Earth. Maltiox, Maltiox, Maltiox, and four times Maltiox.
Maya Elder Pedro IxchopAjaw Great Father or Supreme Being
Maltiox Thank you

Adam Rubel

Adam is a founder of Saq' Be'. Having first met some of the Maya elders in 1998, he has been blessed with the opportunity to spend time with communities and bearers of living lineages in Guatemala as well as other regions of the Americas.Adam is fortunate to be able to commit his life's work to opening opportunities for greater eco-social-spiritual benefit, integration and realization.
Adam Rubel

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