1 Q’anil – Today’s Ch’umil & Trecena Prayer


Nawal Q'anilQ’anil represents the seed of life, the energy of creation; number which 1 brings the power of unity, it is the beginning. Scatter many seeds of love during the course of your passage through this day, and without doubt all the good actions you may plant today will bring positive fruits into your life. This is the first day of the Q’anil trecena (thirteen days) ask this Ch’umil that everything you plant during these days will bring you joy and abundance.

Prayer from Pedro Ixchop for Q’anil

In this sacred day Q’anil I ask you to nurture me with all your divine essence, I ask you to grant me your providence of Heart of the Sky and Heart of the Earth. Nurture me with your creative energy over the face of Mother Earth. Nurture my mind with all your strength so that I am able to reach the light of wisdom. I ask you, Ajaw, to nurture my intelligence so that I am able to gain your fullness and defeat the enemy of your Sacred Spirituality. Nurture my feet, my hands, my eyes, my ears, and all my body before your presence Ajaw of the Sky and of Mother Earth.  Ajaw, provide our daily food in our table, in our home, for my sons and form my daughters. Oh, divine Ajaw, I ask you that the white maize, the yellow maize, the red maize, and the blue maize are abundant. I also ask you that the white and black beans are abundant, as well as all the types of beans and the delicacies that nature from the paradise of Paxil and Kayala’ over Mother Earth, Ajaw of the Sky.

Maya Elder Pedro IxchopI am aware, Ajaw, that you are my spiritual torch, that you never fail me in my path, en the passing of time. You are the torch of my life, the torch that shies away the fogs of my wickedness. You are the light of the women and the men of your spirituality, you, Ajaw of the Sky, are the firm torch before the hurricane of illnesses, of tumors, of sores, and of any plague that attacks the body, you are the one who takes away and dissipates all from the four cardinal points, to heal and save my body from any curse so that I can work for you. I ask you that the spirit of this day will grant us abundance, Ixchajal, Ixtoj, Ixq’anil and Ixkakao. Maltiox, maltiox, maltiox, and four times maltiox.

Ajaw Great Father or Supreme Being

Paxil and Kayala’ According to the Popol Wuj this are the places from where the maize was obtained to make this humanity. 

Ixchajal Ixtoj, Ixq’anil, and Ixkakao Maya prophets

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