1 K’at – Today’s Ch’umil and Trecena Prayer


Nawal K'atK’at represents the net that is used to store those things that will nurture us in the future, not only physical things, but also what is invisible, such as our memories and experiences; it has the power to unite the people and elements required to do what we need to do. Number 1 is a creative and innovative energy. Throughout the course of this trecena (thirteen days) use the power provided by 1 K’at to consolidate those ideas that have come to mind and to catch the people and elements that can help you develop them.

During the Creation of the Universe 1 K’at had low spirits for the bad things it had created.

Prayer from Don Pedro Ixchop

Great Spirit of the Ajaw of the Day K’at grant me the development and expansion of my thoughts. I ask you that nothing can disturb my heart and my thoughts; that no one can damage my life and my destiny, Heart of the Sky and Heart of Mother Earth. I ask you that my feet, my hands, my thoughts and my intelligence are not tangled before your presence. That my enemies are not aimed to lock me with their pretexts, that they won’t be able to lock me or my family’s intelligence, words, feet, hands, body, or eyes, Ajaw. Give me the freedom to pray outside of the prisons of the enemies of your Sacred Spirituality, Ajaw of the Sky and the Earth. I ask you that all the physical and mental prisons are vanished and destroyed by your power, Father Ajaw. I ask you to grant freedom to any enemy intending to cast their nets to lock and to lie to your creatures, Ajaw, so that they can serve you every day. You know that I offer my faith through my prayers and my offerings in the ceremonies that I celebrate, Father. Do not allow my enemies to bother or torment me in my mission to follow you Heart of the Sky and Heart of Mother Earth.

Maya Elder Pedro IxchopI ask you to untie any illness, whether physical, emotional, or mental. Relieve me from all pain in my veins, my arteries, my body, my mind, and my heart. Relieve me from all pain in my internal and external organs. Take away all swelling and excessive temperament in my body, my mind, and my heart. I ask you that any excessive pain will be untied, discarded, and eliminated by your power, Ajaw. Maltiox, Maltiox, Maltiox, and four times Maltiox.

Ajaw Great Father or Supreme Being

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