1 I’x – Today’s Ch’umil and Trecena Prayer


Nawal I'xI’x possesses the power to expand our mind and gives us the strength with which to reach high levels of consciousness; it signifies the creative forces of the universe. Number 1 represents the unity, the beginning; it is the force of creation. Today you are connected to the Universe, to everything that surrounds you, ask it for its strength, wisdom and the power to expand your mind, absorb its spiritual energies. This is the first day of the I’x trecena (thirteen days) connect to this Ch’umil and ask it to connect you to your feminine energy.

Prayer from Don Pedro Ixchop

In this sacred day of I’x, Creator and Maker of the Universe you are the pacifier of my home, sacred Warbal Ja. You are the universal sower, the healer of my thoughts and my feelings, whichever path I take I take it in your presence. You are always my protector, and for this I pray to your spirit, which is found in the planting of my milpa, of my white maize, my yellow maize, my red maize, and my blue maize. You are the eternal guardian of my home, of my corral. You are my protector, and with you I will walk the paths of this earth, with you I will walk to every place on the face of Mother Earth. You are the protector of my feet, of my hands, of my understanding, of my sons and daughters, of my flowers and of my work, which I do in your presence. You dispel all the thorns in my heart, in my feet, in myself, for you are the healer of every thorn of the body, of the feelings, of the thoughts. I ask you that no thorns may come my way, that I find no thorns on my path during the course of my destiny. That all thorns found on the face of Mother Earth will be collected by your divine power. Protect me at every moment of my life, Heart of the Sky and Heart of Mother Earth. Maltiox, maltiox, maltiox and four times maltiox.

Warbal Ja House, shelter
Milpa Cornfields
Maltiox Thank you
Maya Elder Pedro Ixchop

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