1 Ajmaq ~ Today’s Ch’umil Trecena Prayer


Nawal AjmaqAjmaq is the day of repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation with the Great Father and today it converges with number 1, which symbolizes the beginning. Use the energy of 1 Ajmaq to practice understanding and acceptance; remember that when we love we should not keep track, we should learn to let things go and accept the imperfections of the people we love. This is the first day of the Ajmaq trecena (thirteen days); during these days focus in being forgiving and understanding.

Trecena Prayer from Don Pedro Ixchop

In this sacred day I ask you, Ajaw, to forgive all my sins, to vanish my mistakes and my misdeeds. I ask that all impurity will be vanished, don’t let me succumb to the temptation of my enemies and my adversaries. I ask you, Ajaw, that I won’t resort to the dishonesty of the pleasures of men and women. I ask you to grant me strength and resilience before the pleasures of the body; don’t allow these pleasures to enter my body, Ajaw, Heart of the Sky and Heart of the Earth. I ask you to strengthen the natural and necessary pleasures that are meant for our body, our destiny and our path. Maltiox, maltiox, maltiox, and four times maltiox.
Maya Elder Pedro IxchopAjaw Great Father or Supreme Being
Maltiox Thank you

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