Open Letter to Children of the North



From the depths of the Andes, From the heart of the Quechua, Aymara, Amazonian nation of Peru, I send this message to you, children of the north, of the United States.Greetings, from one of the many natural representatives that are here in the region of the south. Together, with our communities, we are working on the small things and the big things that need to get done on a daily basis.

How much good will inspires me to express, through words, this message of solidarity and respect to you citizens of the north. And my heart flourishes to think that today, I’m sure you are more able to listen to the murmurs of brotherhood and reflection that the fresh winds of the south carry with them.

Who else but us, the Indigenous, know of the precious drops of blood that have been spilled so absurdly. Drops that can later on turn into rivers.

Who else but us the Indigenous, know of the bitter taste of impotency, of pain and tears. We also know well of the irresistible desire to hate and find vengeance.

But how beautifully and gracefully the natural world reveals itself to us. At the end of serene reflections, the towns that have wisdom, still, at the other side of the holocausts, end up understanding the real meaning of our precious lives here on earth, in this cosmic mother.

Our fear, if not controlled by us, could convert our existence into an accumulation of wrong knowledge and insanity. Uncertainty is given when the enemy lies.

Uncertainty governs and grows only when communities or individuals don’t know who they are and what they are doing in a world full of possibilities.

Perhaps this may be a good or appropriate time to make some reflections, with respect to some concepts and beliefs that, sometimes, we adopt as individuals.

By the mere way of living in a certain order of things, which could be looked at as being irreplaceable, and the only way, as well as a way of living in which one could be willing to sacrifice even our own spiritual, ethic and moral principles.

The Indigenous communities have a very heart felt worry regarding who it is that makes the politics, the economy and other rules of the game in the so called “modern” societies. For example, within the political directors of the modern world, the discourse on the disarmament and the fight against drugs are currently the trend.

But who is at the head of the big factories and laboratories of arms that supply the military arsenal to the countries in the world?

Is it not true that the value that weapons have are for horror and death?

Where do these un-superior chemists come from for the elaboration of the hard drugs?…And who are the owners of the banks that protect and wash the dirty money, for the protection of the laws of a secret bank?

If we search for the responsible ones, surely it would end up being the same ones that are satisfied with and benefit daily from the millions of cadavers, the victims of the drugs. And these may be the same ones that provide the scenarios for the next war or war related conflicts in the world.

And maybe this can explain why the mortal hate between the communities called “of God” and the others “the chosen ones.”

In our case, about 509 years ago, invaders arrived from Spain who justified their genocide with the argument of Christianizing the Indians. This is how they took over our lands and almost exterminated us for good.

Today the intentions are the same, although the methods have changed a great deal. Now, the transnational and economic corporations are the ones that act as the extended arm of the rich countries, where the small groups of power that have control over the towns benefit in the shadows of money and are protected by organizations of control and blackmail, such as the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank.

In this way, they will attempt to strip the last piece of metal out of our mountains, the last tree out of our forests and contaminate or dry the last drop of water from our fountains.

Once we start to demand respect for our land, we are blamed for being separatists.

If we defend our identity, our culture and our original languages, they accuse us of being ignorant and wanting to go into the past.

When it comes to our spiritual practices, they become frightened, at which time they start to penetrate us systematically, with religious occults, with alcohol, with programs for “help”, even with terrorism that is occult.

Surely, the politics of control over us, the Indigenous, may be more direct. But it is undeniable that the towns of the world today, in one way or another, suffer from manipulation, exploitation or dependence.

This message carries the purpose to manifest our solidarity; inviting you to reflect together with respect to how many more are willing to help transform and re-focus things towards a system of life that is more natural, equal and of permanence.

Our only wish is for our children to live in a world that is diverse. A place in which all colors may share and work together. Without “powerful ones” that try to conform life, for the benefit of their greedy interests.

It is true that our Mother Earth is ill and is in great pain.

A lot of the time we don’t question who the hangman is. It does not heal to reproach.

It would be more precise at these times, to re-learn, to remember and understand again the language of our mother earth.

Let us all meditate profoundly on all of this, brothers and sisters of the North.

The communities and the individualism are but simply the projection of the cosmic intelligence and of it’s laws.

We still have time to re-learn the forgotten language of Pacha Mama.

Tenth Pachakuti-fifth sun of the Andean era.

This is a message delivered to the people of North America from Juan Santos in Peru. Juan Santos is a chacaruna, a “bridge person”, one who is a vehicle for the interim infrastructure of the present Indigenous movement. His work is to fulfill the social, moral and legal needs of the people according to their spiritual values and tradtions. He is one of the many people working with the Indigenous communities of the Andes. In the region of Cuzco he is committed as a dignitary dancer with the nations who make the pilgrimage to the sacred mountain of Qoyllor-Ritti. He is Quechua.

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