Mayan Teachings, Training, Consultations: Santa Fe, NM – July 12-20, 2014

Preparing for a fire ceremony in Cerillos, NM

Preparing for a fire ceremony in Cerillos, NM

Mayan Ajq’ij (spiritual guide) Lina Barrios will be returning to Santa Fe with Denise Barrios in July to present an evening workshop series, give a free public talk, provide personal consultations and share a fire ceremony. Our guests from the highlands of Guatemala will provide a primary level workshop for understanding and working with energies of the Cholq’ij to create balance and harmony. This is a rare opportunity to experience the teachings and practices of an ancient, living lineage directly, in a way that brings benefit for individuals, families and communities. Lina and Denise arrive in a spirit of generosity, grounded in the practicality of a tradition capable of fostering both personal development and deep, integrated alignment.

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  • July 12-20: Personal Consultations – Mayan Astrology, Divination, Healing, Energy Cleansing. $52/ 50min
  • July 12: Talk – The White Road: Developing a Life of Harmony for Ourselves, Families and Communities. Free (Suggested Donation $10)/ 9:30-10:30AM – Railyard Performance Center, Santa Fe
  • July 14: Talk – Living Lineages: The Maya in Modern Life. Free (Suggested Donation $10)/ 6:00-7:30PM – New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, Santa Fe
  • July 15 & 17: Workshop – Learning the Energies of the Cholq’ij Cost: $35/ session; $60/ Series; 5:30-7:30PM – New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, Santa Fe

Learning the Energies of the Cholq’ij

An evening workshop series
July 15th & 17th, 5:30-7:30PM – New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, Santa Fe, NM Cost: $35/ session; $60/ Series
The Cholq’ij is one of many Mayan calendars, and is the one considered to be most sacred as it relates directly to the energies of humans. By understanding how to work with this tool, we can better understand how to realize our individual purpose and how to better be in harmony with the energies of each day. In this two day workshop series, Lina will provide participants with an understanding of their own sign, the twenty nawales and 13 numbers that comprise the 260 day calendar, as well as how to begin to understand and work with the energies in a practical manner. We anticipate this to be the beginning of an ongoing series that will move ever deeper in developing our relationship with this powerful tool and lineage.

The White Road: Developing a Life of Harmony for Ourselves, Families and Communities.

Free Talk (Suggested Donation $10)
July 12th, 9:30-10:30AM – Railyard Performance Center, Santa Fe
For the Mayan tradition, the white road is the Saq’ Be’ – the sacred path of one’s life, a reflection of the milky way. Lina will present on how this ancient living lineage holds very practical application in our modern time for guiding our path in this life to realize a deeper potential by creating greater balance and harmony at the personal, familial and communal levels.

Living Lineages: The Maya in Modern Life.

Free Talk (Suggested Donation $10)
July 14th, 6:00-7:30PM – New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, Santa Fe
Living lineages endure through time, adapting and evolving with the people, cultures, societies and environments within which they live.  The lineages of the Maya have endured numerous transitions and continue to flourish in their homelands of Central America and to begin to seek root around the world.  Lina will expand upon the living Maya Lineage, which holds many keys for personal and collective transformation.


Lina performing a cleansing


July 12-20; Appointment must be scheduled. Cost – $52/ 50 minute session
Lina Barrios will be available for consultations in person (at various Santa Fe locations). Please book an appointment early as openings are likely to fill up completely.

Interpretations of Mayan Sign

The Sacred Maya Calendar has 20 energies which are complemented by 13 different numbers or levels. It is the combination of an energy with a number that gives us our personality. According to the Cholq’ij Calendar, each person, depending on their date of birth, has specific talents, strengths and weaknesses. By getting an interpretation of your Maya sign you will understand your energy and learn how to use it to its full potential. You may wish to bring a recording device or take notes during this session.


In the Maya world divination is done with the seeds and stones of the Sacred Pouch. This form of divination is used to give us a guide and a specific answer to questions on situations that are affecting the person in order to help them make a better decision. This type of divination is probably the most ancient one that is still being used.

Energy Cleansing

By using the healing power of the obsidian stone one can heal illnesses or eliminate the negative burdens from our body, heart, spirit and soul in order to become lighter beings and to obtain a better quality of life. When using the obsidian stone together with tobacco smoke ―a plant that is considered sacred to many indigenous peoples from the Americas ― the energy of the person can be lifted and strengthened, developing a protective shield for when a person’s energy is weak so they become less energetically vulnerable to illnesses.


In the Mayan world healings are often done with tobacco, sacred stones and/or oils with the intention of either healing the person completely or helping them feel relief, this depends on the strength of the illness.


The Mayan Fire Ceremony has been practiced for thousands of years; according to the Mayan tradition the first Fire Ceremony was offered by the four B’alaneb’ (semi-god, jaguars) who suggested that every time that we needed to be in contact with god, we could make a Ceremony and he would listen and help us. $10 materials fee, donations welcome.


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