Mayan Spiritual Guide in Santa Fe, NM – August 2016

Preparing for a fire ceremony in Cerillos, NM

Preparing for a fire ceremony in Cerillos, NM

August 15th – 23rd.

Mayan Ajq’ij (spiritual guide) Lina Barrios will be returning to Santa Fe with Denise Barrios in August to present an evening workshop series, give a free public talk, provide personal consultations and share a fire ceremony (for workshop attendees). Our guests from the highlands of Guatemala will provide a unique workshop on the Popol Wuj: Tools for our Everyday Lives. This is a rare opportunity to experience the teachings and practices of an ancient, living lineage directly, in a way that brings benefit for individuals, families and communities. Lina and Denise arrive in a spirit of generosity, grounded in the practicality of a tradition capable of fostering both personal development and deep, integrated alignment.

Contact Saq’ Be’: 505-216-6766, SaqBe1[at]gmail[dot]com


  • August 15-23: Personal Consultations – Mayan Astrology, Divination, Healing, Energy Cleansing. $80/ 50min
  • August 15, 5:30PM: Talk – Maya Cosmovision in the Popol Wuj. Free (Suggested Donation $10)/  Railyard Community RoomSanta Fe
  • August 16, 6:00PM: Livestream Q&A with Lina Barrios
  • August 18, 5:00PM: Workshop –  Popol Wuj: Tools For Our Everyday LivesSanta Fe

Workshop: Popol Wuj: Tools For Our Everyday Lives

An evening workshop
August 18, 5:00-9:00PM/ Fire Ceremony August 19, 6PM – Santa Fe, NM Cost: $100 (Advance Registration Required)

In this workshop, Lina will share teachings of practical applications related to the Popol Wuj in our modern lives to help foster our well being and spiritual development.

The Popol Wuj is a book that relates the cosmogony, cosmovision, and philosophy of life of the Maya people. It is written in a poetic form. It relates many stories that give us teachings that help us live family life in harmony, accomplish spiritual improvement, and which show us how to reach success through overcoming the challenges in life.  The Popol Wuj has the category of Sacred Book and it equates to the Bible, the Koran, the Ramayana or the Mahabharata. 

The knowledge contained in the Popol Wuj gives us the tools to go through life, to live a daily life that is more pleasant. These stories bring us teachings, however, that need to be adapted to modern life. The Popol Wuj teaches the duality and complementarity between the female and male energies, these are principles that we can apply to have a balanced life with our partner. It teaches gratefulness, which allows us to evolve spiritually and find balance in life. It teaches the intelligence to analyze situations and solve problems. The concept of life is a series of challenges, if we overcome them we will accomplish the fulfillment that will allow us to transcend.


The Mayan Fire Ceremony has been practiced for thousands of years; according to the Mayan tradition the first Fire Ceremony was offered by the four B’alaneb’ (semi-god, jaguars) who suggested that every time that we needed to be in contact with god, we could make a Ceremony and he would listen and help us.

Attendees of the workshop are invited to attend a fire ceremony the following evening. Details, including location (in Santa Fe), to be shared at upon registration for the workshop. 

To register, email Saq’ Be’.

Public Talk: Maya Cosmovision in the Popol Wuj

Free Talk (Suggested Donation $10)
August 15, 5:30PM – Railyard Community Room, Santa Fe

Cosmovision is the way in which a people conceive the world, how they visualize the different stages of human life -childhood, youth, adulthood, and old age-, how they solve problems, which are the processes of healing, how they relate to their environment, to nature, to the universe, what they consider a successful person, etc.

The Maya people, who have existed for more than 5,000 years, define their cosmovision in a book called Popol Wuj. The wisdom related in the Popol Wuj is practiced on a daily basis in the Maya communities of Guatemala. This way of seeing life is effective and has been kept alive, even with the imposition of another culture. Nowadays there are 14 million Maya people, 7 million of which live in Guatemala. In this talk you can get to know the secrets that have kept this culture alive for thousands of years.

Livestream: Q & A with Lina Barrios

Free, Donation Welcome
August 16, 6:00PM Mountain Time

Join our Facebook Page and Watch the Livestream on August 16th…
Lina will answer questions sent in advance via live webinar.  You have an opportunity to submit your questions about the Maya tradition and practice by email or on Facebook.  You can view the Livestream here.


August 15-23; Appointment must be scheduled. Cost – $80/ 50 minute session
Lina Barrios will be available for consultations in person in Santa Fe. Please book an appointment early as openings typically fill up completely. You will receive a reminder email about a week prior to your appointment with location details.

Interpretations of Mayan Sign

The Sacred Maya Calendar has 20 energies which are complemented by 13 different numbers or levels. It is the combination of an energy with a number that gives us our personality. According to the Cholq’ij Calendar, each person, depending on their date of birth, has specific talents, strengths and weaknesses. By getting an interpretation of your Maya sign you will understand your energy and learn how to use it to its full potential. You may wish to bring a recording device or take notes during this session.


In the Maya world divination is done with the seeds and stones of the Sacred Pouch. This form of divination is used to give us a guide and a specific answer to questions on situations that are affecting the person in order to help them make a better decision. This type of divination is probably the most ancient one that is still being used.

Energy Cleansing

By using the healing power of the obsidian stone one can heal illnesses or eliminate the negative burdens from our body, heart, spirit and soul in order to become lighter beings and to obtain a better quality of life. When using the obsidian stone together with tobacco smoke ―a plant that is considered sacred to many indigenous peoples from the Americas ― the energy of the person can be lifted and strengthened, developing a protective shield for when a person’s energy is weak so they become less energetically vulnerable to illnesses.


In the Mayan world healings are often done with tobacco, sacred stones and/or oils with the intention of either healing the person completely or helping them feel relief, this depends on the strength of the illness.



  • Diana Valencia

    I am interested in participating in the Mayan Spiritual Guide in Santa Fe, NM – August 2016. But I need more details and the cost. I am from New York and I started reading about the Mayan culture and I was fascinated and relate to the culture. Please let me know

    • Adam Rubel

      Hi Diana, we’re in process of figuring out some details and will continue to update this page. We look forward to seeing you in August!

  • guests

    For people who have missed the Q and A, will there be another one during
    this session? Thank you.

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