EQUINOX: 8 Imox, Maya Day Sign (Nawal)


Nawal ImoxFor most of the ancient people the cosmic events represented a very important moment and were a time of great celebration. Nowadays these events are no longer relevant, even though they influence our lives. For the Maya people both the Equinoxes and the Solstices mark the beginning of a new cosmic-telluric cycle. This September 23 the Equinox indicates that there is a balance in the energies, which affects us up until December 20.
The energy of this Equinox is influenced by 8 Imox; Imox is the essence of our consciousness and of our mind, number 8 represents the physical and material energies. This day opens up a space to activate our internal power, to develop our vision and intuition; it is the moment to prepare our awareness to find balance between the material and the spiritual. Use the power of this day to materialize your dreams. Remember that those who have allowed themselves to dream about something different are the ones who have transformed the world.

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