Zenith Sun Retreat: Seven Days Immersion in the Mayalands, May 5-11, 2024 in Guatemala


Don’t miss the unique opportunity to witness the Zenith Sun, one of the most important cosmic events for the Maya Cosmovision, in the land of the ancient Mayas. Join us on a magical journey where you will witness a plethora of breathtaking sights, as well as be immersed in the power of the jungle and pyramids of the Maya lowlands of Peten, Guatemala. This is truly the perfect setting to connect to the rich heritage that our elders have left us with, and which we are now sharing with the utmost respect for the tradition. You will work with traditional spiritual practices, the healing of nature, and the profound knowledge of Maya spiritual guides.

*We will learn about our energy in the CHOLQ’IJ CALENDAR, to discover our purpose as a way of life.
*The SACRED SOUND will harmonize our bodies, making every cell vibrate and raise its frequency.
*CACAO MEDICINE will open our hearts and heal unresolved emotions
*We will celebrate TRADITIONAL FIRE CEREMONIES, together with a Maya Elder of the Itza Nation.
*We will visit the ANCESTRAL CITIES of TIKAL and YAXHÁ and connect with their pyramids and hieroglyphics, which hold the essence of this millenary knowledge. Contemplating the NATURE AND MAGIC of these lands and practicing the ANCESTRAL RITUAL OF THE ZENITH SUN at TIKAL to empower our life and path.
The cost of the retreat is US$1,750 with everything included during your stay in Guatemala. Reserved with 50%
This is the last month to sign up. We only have 3 spaces left.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity!
Contact us to reserve your space!
  • Ch’umilal reading (Maya Natal Chart).
  • Traditional Ceremony with the Medicine of Cacao.
  • Introduction to the energies of the Sacred Mayan Calendar (Cholq’ij).
  • Traditional Sacred Fire Ceremonies with a Maya Elder.
  • Ancestral Connection Rituals.
  • Guided visit to the city of Tikal, its history and writings.
  • Traditional Ritual with the Zenith Sun in the city of Tikal.
  • Dawn at Temple IV in Tikal.
  • Sound Healing.
  • Connection with the Magic of Nature.
  • Water Rebirth Ceremony.
  • Meditations.
  • Ground transportation.
  • Accommodation.
  • 3 healthy meals a day.

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