Understanding Lineages


Saq’ Be’ works to support the movement of living lineages into modern times.  Many may wonder what “lineages” mean exactly, and why they are relevant?  We view this as the transmission of knowledge and wisdom, over time and generations (and often place) from one set of keepers of a tradition to a next generation.  It is essential that these lineages trace back to their origin.  We consider the lineages themselves to be alive, representing the present manifestation that contains the cosmology, ontology, knowledge, wisdom and energy of ancient traditions, that have evolved into their current form, serving to guide the evolutionary path of humanity within the cosmos.

If all this sounds confusing, don’t worry.  It’s an attempt to explain something simple and somewhat intangible through intellectual means.  The beauty of these lineages lies in their wisdom of simplicity.

For those of you who may be technically inclined, here is an amazing example of tracing lineages over time.  The Tibetan Buddhist Resources Center collects and digitizes Tibetan Buddhist texts from around the world to preserve and further the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  They have discovered a clear record in those texts that delineates the lineages of the tradition.  Have a  look, and let us know what you think about living lineages in the comments here and on social media.

The Lineage Transmission Knowledge Model

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