These Times: The Settling of the Job Ajaw


Watching over the fire

At the arrival of the famous date of December 21, 2012, the so-called “End of the World” was spread as if it were a prophecy that was originated in the Maya World. Although we tried to undermine these words which were attributed to us, very few media opened a space for a clarification from the elders and Maya spiritual guides. However much we tried, the spaces were closed. When this supposed widespread catastrophic event did not happen, mockery and discredit were the consequences for the Maya culture. It is worth saying that this was a plot.

These times are marked by the change of a cycle of 5,200 Ab’ years -which are equivalent to 5,184 Gregorian years- and this cycle that ended did not bring with it any type of end of the world, not even an end of humanity.

This new cycle is known as Job Ajaw, or Fifth Sun. It is a period that opens the consciousness of the human being, it is a time of understanding, of faith, balance and harmony between spirituality and the materialistic vision in which we have become immerse. Before we reached this time, we lived four cycles of 5,200 Ab’ years each. The first was of female energy, with Fire as the ruling element. The second was of male energy with Earth as the ruling element. The third cycle was of female energy with Air as the ruling element, the fourth cycle was of male energy with Water as the ruling element, this was the cycle that ended on December 21, 2012. The new cycle, the Job Ajaw, brings a balance between the female and male energies, that is to say that it contains both energies, and the element that rules is Ether, which contains the four primary elements. Ether is what makes up the space of the Universe (now called black matter) and it has a very subtle essence; it is the one that allows the Interstellar connection that will empower our evolutionary development. You may wonder, if we have already reached the cycle of the New Era, why are we living under such turmoil? Why are the drums of war rumbling and why is racism so present? Every day we see outbreaks around the world; demonstrations, non-conformity, and all that this materialistic vision of the human being has brought. One only has to look at the world around us to see the pollution, the extreme weather, the unconsciousness of our governments, etc.; as entering into this new cycle is not like turning on a switch to attain an automatic change, there is a period of transition. According to the knowledge that was bequeathed to us by the Elders, the new cycle began on December 21, 2012, but we have to remember that there are micro-cycles which are related to the growth of a human being. From age 0 to 13 we experience the stage of childhood, a time of vulnerability at the beginning and of energy with the passing of the years, for the Maya world a person stops being considered a child at the age of 13. This is the stage that we are living at this moment, a stage of action, effervescence, of an energy that is somewhat dispersed; we can see this in our politicians, in their actions. Few people have clarity and no one is taking real measures regarding pollution and unbalance. This period will reach its peak between 2025 and 2026, it will be a time of turmoil and unrest amongst humanity, the economical systems may suffer a lot during this short cycle and instability will mark this time during which wars are likely to increase.

The next thirteen years of this development are marked by learning through experience; this cycle is much more complicated for confrontations could heighten. This energy is expanding and searching for its future, which could bring more radical changes. This period is marked by a cycle during which we could experience scarcity, if we do not account for disruptions and plan, as lack of water and drought will begin to manifest.  It is prudent that we are well prepared. We will depend again on Mother Earth to survive, it is urgent that we reforest, that we mitigate the damage that we have inflicted upon Mother Earth. This cycle goes from 2026 to 2039. The calling of the Elders is to become aware, to assume our roll as human beings. It is not possible that we continue the destruction of our own home! There are two aspects to realize; first, that for our life’s purpose, for our development as Cosmic Beings, as an important part of the Universe, and as a part of Creation the achievement of the “awareness of being” is imperative and our actions need to have that sense, in these moments all possibilities are open to us.  The other aspect is that our existence is linked (both as the individuals and as humanity) to Mother Earth, we have an evolutionary development and a cosmic purpose within a larger plan, but we need to be clear that Mother Earth will continue traversing through the cycles with or without us, for if we do not become aware, a new beings generation will be in tune with her purpose.

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  • Gwenda Eliason

    This is a very clear explanation of what I already thought to be true. It fleshes it out for me. I am a One Ahau being. I have met Wandering Wolf and have had a reading from him and hosted him to help teach a class with me in Santa Fe New Mexico many years ago. At that time I was still following Dreamspell, but I have shifted my focus to the more traditional calendar (Tzolk’in). I appreciate your mission, your message and your presence.

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