Teachings by Grandmother Armadillo Rojo: Part 4- Material Body


This is a picture of the vessels of ker (an armadillo). Credit to vessel 3040 of Justin Keer


Gratitude and forgiveness.  We’re going to give thanks for our physical bodies, because we have a complete body, with hands, feet, we are able to hear, able to see, able to breathe, eat, touch etc.  And we ask forgiveness because we haven’t cleansed this in a long time.

Air element

Taking some aromatic dry plant of your preference, begin to pass the herb all around your body in order starting with the head, then the arms, the torso, legs, feet, while saying, may tiredness be removed, may stress be removed, may fatigue be removed, sickness, traumas, etc..

Fire element

Now we will burn these herbs/dry plant matter so that  sickness, stress, aches and pain are disintegrated from our bodies.


Earth element

Find yourself in a garden, place your feet on the earth, we’re going to ask the earth to provide energy to our masculine extremities, because they help to carry us all day long and we’re going to visualize how the energy travels up from the feet, ankles, legs, hips, reaching our navel.  Now we place our hands on the ground touching the earth and ask to please give much energy to our feminine extremities to be able to do the work that we do; operate machinery such as cars, computers, etc, feeling how the energy rises through our arms  and disperses in our body reaching our navel.

Water element

After bathing and being clean, we will allow the water to fall on all of our 13 articulations(joints), 13 times on each joint, both on the interior part as well as the exterior (or outer part). Starting with the inner part of the left ankle, moving up to the inner part of the left knee, the left hip, inner part of left wrist, inner part of left elbow, now move to under the left armpit, under the neck, now move to under the right armpit, now begin to move down on the inside of the joints all the way to the right ankle, now begin to move up on the outside of the joints starting with the right ankle, up and around, getting the back of the neck this time,  until reaching the outside of the left ankle.

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As we move deeply into this age of visible consequence, the turbulence of our time provides incredible challenges for maintaining one’s internal equilibrium and balance within the world.  To help us navigate these rough seas with more grace, Armadillo Rojo has generously shared a four part process for clearing obstacles and reinvigorating our being. We will publish the series in four parts, featuring a new body (mental, spiritual, emotional, material) each week. We encourage you to participate in the exercises as described, and hope that it may help you to find balance and well being in this time when our collective strength is being called forth. We also express our deepest gratitude for the sharing of these timely teachings with us all.

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