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 Welcome to Saq Be Sunday, April 20 2014
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Saq' Be': Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies is a non-profit organization that depends on the support of people such as yourself to see that the organizations mission can be fulfilled. The organization is operated by young adults on a completely volunteer basis, with support from the broader community and takes its lead and direction from the Native communities and peoples we serve. The Indigenous cultures of this planet have been threatened, destroyed or assimilated for Millennia. We have reached a crucial juncture where the forces of globalization, religious imposition and colonial attitudes threaten to undermine the remaining autonomous peoples and traditions. This is the time that we can support the efforts of these communities and traditions as they look to gain strength in their struggle for survival. It is also the opportunity for those of us born and living in "modern" civilization's cultural homogony to begin to listen to the voices and to feel the spirit of those that have maintained their connection to the natural and spiritual world for generations. By supporting Saq' Be', you will be helping with our efforts to support the communities and peoples that have maintained and preserved their ancient ways. You will also be joining with us in creating opportunities for those that have so much to offer to share their teachings, ceremonies and sacred ways with others in a way that is not exploitative and is mutually supportive. Finally, you will be helping with the process of healing the hundreds and thousands of years of attitudes and actions that have led humanity to force itself in domination over the earth and fellow humans, helping to guide us back to a way of balance and harmony with life and all creation.

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