SacredRoad Runner for September, 2014

Maya Fire Ceremony in New Mexico at Dusk

Mayan Fire Ceremony

SacredRoad Runner, September 2014 is here!  We just sent out our latest newsletter, full of information about what is happening in the world of Saq’ Be’, including information on stories, the Cholq’ij calendar and ongoing/ upcoming efforts to keep living lineages vital.  You can sign up to receive the newsletter on our site.  You can also view it online (below).  Here’s the intro:

You’ll want to read this!

Things have been getting very busy in the world of Saq’ Be’ lately.  First, we had a fantastic visit here in Santa Fe by Lina and Denise (see photos here). This has catalyzed a number of happenings.  Some highlights are here:

  • Thanks to Denise, we are now posting a monthly Cholq’ij calendar as well as daily the meaning of the day (nawal).
  • We posted a new article from Carlos Barrios on the Origins of Maya Prophecies
  • We will soon have our first video to share, from young Ajq’ij Yamanik Pablo.
  • We are developing and implementing new programs to keep Living Lineages vital, including a video documentation series in Guatemala that begins with a Maya Elder’s rare wisdom around traditional interpretation of pictographs and will continue onto topics such as pulse reading and calendrics.
  • We are developing a program to empower Maya youth to acquire videography and editing skills in relation to documenting the elder’s wisdom in their communities.  This would engage youth with their ancestral tradition, empower them with new skills (and equipment), and provide both their community and Saq’ Be’ with footage of the wisdom of this living tradition.
  • We will be helping to coordinate support for a program in the Amazon village of Sarayaku in Ecuador to empower the community around natural health solutions in response to a hepatitis outbreak.
  • Saq’ Be’ is preparing to partner with UNESCO on bringing Indigenous knowledge and wisdom to bear on water crisis, while protecting ancestral homelands and sacred places.  This is possible thanks to Carlos Barrios being named Coordinator of the Spiritual Reserves of Humanity for Central America and Coordinator of the Water Project for Central America for UNESCO.
  • We’ve started blogging, bridging the connection and relevancy of living lineages in modern times.
  • We’re becoming more socially networked, now with a presence on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more soon.

And all that is just the beginning!

All of this is made possible by our generous supporters, and as we begin to expand our efforts we hope that you might consider supporting us as well – through a financial donation, by helping to share the knowledge and wisdom, or in any other manner that you feel called to do.  Some very exciting things are upon the horizon…

SacredRoad Runner – September, 2014

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