Teachings by Grandmother Armadillo Rojo: Part 1- Mental Body


As we move deeply into this age of visible consequence, the turbulence of our time provides incredible challenges for maintaining one’s internal equilibrium and balance within the world.  To help us navigate these rough seas with more grace, Armadillo Rojo has generously shared a four part process for clearing obstacles and reinvigorating our being. We will publish the series in four parts, featuring a new body (mental, spiritual, emotional, material) each week. We encourage you to participate in the exercises as described, and hope that it may help you to find balance and well being in this time when our collective strength is being called forth. We also express our deepest gratitude for the sharing of these timely teachings with us all.

Grandmother Red Armadillo begins her guidance to a balanced and stronger life, so that we can cleanse our energy from negativity, fear and anxiety caused by the pandemic or by any other problem we might be facing and which brings weakness.

These small rituals have been created based on the principles of the Maya Cosmovision; the gratefulness, the forgiveness, the cleansing and the saturation to find a balance in our life. The rituals in Maya Culture are done for different causes, illnesses, yearly cleansings, cleansing of a great problem, etc. They take place in steam baths, crystalline and calm rivers, fast-flowing rivers, the sea shore, at the foot of a mountain, in caves, at Sacred Places, etc.  In this case I have adapted the rituals to the modern life in the cities so that at these times that all humanity is going through a crisis, these can be used to improve the energy of the person, family, community, work, city, etc. so that we gradually acquire the energy to live in balance.

In the Maya world there are 4 bodies, we will cleanse each of through four rituals and elements in nature. We have to choose a space and time in which we will not be interrupted while doing these healing rituals. The first two are for cleansing and the last two to capture energy and become strong.

Mental body


Gratefulness and forgiveness; we will thank our mind because we have the ability to think, analyze, generate ideas, etc. We ask for forgiveness because we have not cleansed it in a long time.

Element air

In a piece of paper we will write all negative ideas, no one will read this paper, so we can write all that we think about the pandemic, fear of becoming infected, of breathing through a ventilator, fear that a family member or a friend could die, etc.

Element fire

With a pair of scissors we will cut this paper in little pieces and we will burn it.


Element earth

We will go to a garden, take a kneeling posture, placing our head on the earth. We will imagine that roots come out of our head toward Mother Earth and that we are fed by the positive energy, peace, calmness, love, balance, etc. of Mother Earth.

Element water

We will take a shower at night, once we are clean we will let water fall in our head, we will close our eyes and think that through our scalp the refreshing energy of water penetrates every corner of our brain, bringing cleanliness, clarity, vitality, etc. and these permeate every corner of our brain.

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