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Maya Ajq'ij Carlos BarriosMaya Ajq’ij Carlos Barrios shares some crucial thoughts on the way we have been missing our potential and the opportunity to bring the ancient knowledge and wisdom into working harmony with modern technology.  Carlos also discussed the opportunity he sees for Saq’ Be’ to contribute to this effort, through the rescue of the tradition with documentation and other projects.  Please watch the video below.





For the Maya, there are nine levels that comprise the Underworld and thirteen levels that make up the Upper World.  We are talking about very high, subtle cosmic levels and the very subtle levels of the underworld, which are attached to what the ancestors call the Heart of Mother Earth, that igneous heart, that powerful strength that exists in the center of the Earth which the elders call K’ak’ Alom, what means the feminine spirit of the fire, of the inner fire, the fire that is connected to us human beings, that fire that is deposited in our coccyx and which ascends through our spine and activates us, gives us the energy and the spark to become a communal spirit.  The problem we westerners have, we have failed to understand that humanity has a collective purpose and that we have to evolve together to realize more subtle levels, but we got lost in selfishness, we got lost in ambition, we got lost in fear, we got lost in hatred, in jealousy, we got lost in a number of internal conflicts that do not allow us to see the greatness we posses as human beings, that do not allow us to see the extraordinary potentiality and capacity we posses and which we can develop. That is our calling, to reconnect to that ancient wisdom which is not a fake wisdom, but a tradition that has survived for many thousands of years and which is now more open to human beings to be able to evolve. That is what we are doing at this moment, together with the organization Saq’ Be’, with the brothers and sisters that are working with us, with Denise, with Douglas, with Mariano, with Grandfather Tata Pedro; we are trying to merge those two ontologies, the developed technological science of the Western world with the magical and spiritual science that is managed in the creation; these two creations can achieve what the western world has lost and that the technology that the western world has developed can be combined to develop a fully integrated and true human being, as Grandfather Mariano said, those fully integrated and complete beings who live in nature, who live in the mountains, who barely eat and who, with their creative power and their power of thought keep a balance between materialism and spirituality. So for us it is important to recover this, to document all that knowledge; this is our purpose at this moment, it is what’s most transcendent, and we really want to recover all this consciousness and knowledge, to be able to recover it, document it and transmit it.
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