OXIB’ AJMAQ ~ Today’s Ch’umil


Nawal AjmaqThe energies of this day speak to us of opening our heart and vision to be able to see beyond the obvious.

Today, the day invites us to have conversations with different people, to nourish ourselves with different knowledge, to venture into doing something new, something beyond our daily routine. This day encourages us to dare to do, to live and marvel ourselves with the world that surrounds us.

Even if there is no guarantee that things will turn out as we expect, by not trying, we are not even giving a chance for something surprising to happen. Let us remember that by exploring and opening ourselves to the gift of curiosity, we can acquire new knowledge and gain more tools for our growth.
Las energías de este día nos hablan de abrir el corazón y la visión para ver mas allá de lo obvio.

Hoy, el día nos invita a conversar con distintas personas, a enriquecernos con diferentes saberes, a aventurarnos a hacer algo nuevo, algo fuera de nuestra rutina habitual. Este día nos invita a que nos atrevamos a hacer, a vivir y maravillarnos con el mundo que nos rodea.

Aunque no haya garantías de que las cosas salgan como esperamos, al no intentarlo, ni siquiera damos oportunidad a que algo sorprendente suceda. Recordemos que al explorar y abrirnos al don de la curiosidad, podemos adquirir nuevos conocimientos y obtener más herramientas para nuestro crecimiento.

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