Opportunity of a Red Moon: Lunar Eclipse

Maya Fire Ceremony in New Mexico at Dusk

Mayan Fire Ceremony

A Red Moon with a total lunar eclipse is a celestial event that rarely happens; the red moon was seen by ancient cultures, especially the Maya, as a moon that brought with it a very especial power. It is said that it is a light of war, that it can bring confrontation between countries and different social groups, however it is up to us to make something positive with the power brought by it. This event foretells that we are approaching times of change. The Red Moon brings the energy of action and it is time to take this action with responsibility, firmness and determination, for this is the moment in which we can change our destiny.  This is a special opportunity because our planet will project its shadow over the Moon, opening an energetic gate in which Mother Earth will receive all of its light. We should make this gate one of clear action.

We can take the opportunity that comes with this unique moment to elevate our prayer and ask for what we need for ourselves and our communities, but remembering that the most important thing is to ask for Light, for harmony between us and Mother Earth, for peace and especially for the spiritual growth that will bring the NEW HUMAN BEING!

The importance of this magical day is the opportunity that we will have to connect with the thousands of people across the globe that will be making their rituals and celebrating their ceremonies for the opening of this gate; this is the perfect moment to harmonize ourselves with this flow, which is the cosmic prelude to the so awaited Time of Spiritual Awareness. Regardless of your beliefs, we ask you to take action, which is the energy that is needed for the spirituality of these times. We are all called upon to make a ritual… celebrate a ceremony, elevate a prayer, light a candle to ask that we return to be in harmony with nature, that people will again search for their spiritual growth so that they can become the NEW HUMAN BEINGS.

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