Living Lineages: Eco-Social-Spiritual Integration

Preparing for a fire ceremony in Cerillos, NM

Preparing for a fire ceremony in Cerillos, NM

Living Lineages are an essential component in catalyzing the opportunities of our individual and collective potential by re-integrating on ecological, social and spiritual levels.  In order to truly engage with these lineages, we must first enable ourselves to be transformed by them, not simply understand them.  It is with much gratitude to Kosmos Journal that we share their publication of my article on the subject.

How do you engage with living lineages?  What are the opportunities and places where you see these lineages transforming modern life?



Communities around the planet are dealing with crises resulting from the complicated and complex web of problems that have emerged out of our modern society.  Whether viewed through the lens of climate change, wealth disparity, food security or any other inter-related issue, we have an opportunity to address the fundamental cause: the disconnect  between our human designs and the wisdom of nature.  The scale, complexity, and global nature of these problems require a transformation at a proportionate level of depth, simplicity, and local-rootedness to create the conditions for appropriate solutions to emerge. Living Lineages are experienced in the translation and application of natural wisdom, providing an essential key so that we may reintegrate, individually and collectively, at ecological, social and spiritual levels.


Living Lineages: Simplicity, Complexity and the Deepening Eco-Social-Spiritual Integration

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