JUN Q’ANIL ~ Today’s Ch’umil


Nawal Q'anilJun -1- Q’anil opens a new trecena, a cycle of new beginnings, of creating and putting into action our projects and ideas so that they can germinate, materialize, and become realities.

The energy of this day teaches us that we must do with love and dedication everything we are going to create. Impregnate with that love, care, and energy our own development and all that is born from the creative ability that exists within us. Let us remember that our being is continuously growing and flourishing and with each passing day, through each action we undertake, we are planting our path, our destiny.
Jun -1- Q’anil da inicio a una nueva trecena, a un ciclo de nuevos comienzos, de crear y poner en acción nuestros proyectos e ideas para que estos germinen, para que se materialicen y se conviertan en realidades.

La energía de este día nos enseña que debemos emprender con amor y esmero todo aquello que vamos a crear. Impregnar de ese amor, cuidado y energía nuestro desarrollo y todo aquello que nace desde esa habilidad creativa que existe dentro de nosotros. Recordemos que nuestro ser está en constante crecimiento, que va floreciendo con cada día que pasa, que a través de cada acción que tomamos vamos plantando nuestro camino, nuestro destino.

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  • Jessica

    I am Q’anil!
    Wondering what is best way to take advantage of this Tricena? Since this Energy is so personal for me, I was wondering if there is a special way to approach ones personal Trecina?
    Thank you for this inspiring work!!

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