JU’LAJUJ I’X ~ Today’s Ch’umil


Nawal I'xI’x brings the energy of the B’alam (jaguar), which is the sacred feline that symbolizes power, magic, and the divine. According to the elders, this animal has the sacred writings printed in the spots of its skin; those who have the ability to understand these messages are considered people of high power. The Jaguar is the guardian of the jungle, of the sacred places. It is the one that represents the four B’alameb’, the powerful guides of this humanity and guardians of the four directions, the four elements, and the four races. I’x also brings with it the feminine energy, it is the wisdom and power of Mother Earth, it is the creation of life, strength, and intuition. It is the high magic that arises from the force of nature in balance with the cosmos, that ancestral magic through which we connect to the supreme energies and our inner being. It is to expand our mind and reach high levels of consciousness. Number 11 symbolizes the learning we get through experiences. 11 days invite us to be aware of every action we take, every word and feeling we express, for its energy can bring tests, especially on the mental and spiritual level.

This day reminds us of the interconnection of our being with the whole, it reminds us that we are Mother Earth, that we are made of her essence, of each of the elements which have imprinted our being with their knowledge and wisdom. That the essence of Mother Earth is also part of every living being, of every animal spirit, of every medicinal plant. That every day we receive her love in the form of healing, of wisdom, of being able to communicate with the spirit of everything that exists so we can learn and develop ourselves, so that we find peace and harmony in her beauty, in all that she shares with us if we know how to listen and observe, if we are open to her love and teachings.

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