JOB’ AJPU ~ Today’s Ch’umil


Nawal AjpuAjpu brings the wisdom of the seer and the hunter, of the dancer and flute player, it is the spirit of the light warrior who holds the clarity and certainty to connect with their inner light, to radiate it, for Ajpu is the force of the Sun, that which also shines within us. The number Job’ (5) reminds us of the importance of moving, of taking action, and flowing with life, its power opens space for the elevation of our being. Today these energies converge in the trecena of Ajmaq which calls us to make a journey within so that we can discover and cultivate our inner selves.

This day invites us to attune ourselves to our heartbeat, to the sound of our being. The power of our voice and the movement of our body helps us to release, to connect with our center and renew our energy, to raise our vibration. Let us sing and dance in a sacred form, as today the creative power is the instrument that gives us life, that connects us with our inner being and ignites our light.
Ajpu trae la sabiduría del adivino y el cazador, del danzante y flautista, es el espíritu del guerrero de luz que posee la claridad y certeza para conectar con su luz interior e irradiarla, pues Ajpu es la fuerza del Sol, también ese que brilla dentro de nosotros. El número Job’ (5) nos recuerda la importancia de movernos, de accionar y fluir con la vida, su fuerza abre espacio a la elevación de nuestro ser. Hoy estas energías confluyen en la trecena de Ajmaq que nos llama a hacer un viaje hacia adentro para descubrir y cultivar nuestro ser interior.

Este día nos invita a sintonizarnos con el latido de nuestro corazón, con el sonido de nuestro ser. El poder de nuestra voz y el movimiento de nuestro cuerpo nos ayudan a liberar, a conectar con nuestro centro y renovar la energía para elevar nuestra vibración. Cantemos y dancemos de forma sagrada, hoy la fuerza creativa es el instrumento que nos da vida, nos conecta con nuestro ser interno y enciende nuestra luz.

Denise Barrios

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  • Hello Denise. I am living in Guatemala and work as an artist, and mindbody wellness consultant for Mayan health and have practiced wisdom traditions thought my life. I am being called to learn more of Mayan spirituality and be a wellness bridge for our communities inspiring them to return to thier inherent wisdom and connection to ancestral tradition.s We work with Local kaqchiqel daykeepers but translation and Spanish makes it tricky for me to integrate. I would be happy to connect with you or your father and wonder if either of you come to Guatemala. We work in both Tecpan and Antigua.

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