B’elejeb B’atz’


The energies that affect the Najt/Space -Time come from the Uk’ux Kaj/Heart of the Sky and Uk’ux Ulew/Heart of Mother Earth. The convergence of these creates our existence in this dimension.  It is Ajaw B’atz who initiates the interweaving of reality in the Najt, and one of the most important days is 9 B’atz, the manifestation of the Female energy. It is the guiding thread of that essence that brings the subtleness, kindness, and creativity. It is the magic and the mysterious force that breaks through dimensions and brings us the marvel of life. It is because of this that when they were shaping the Cholq’ij/Sacred Maya Calendar, the wise men designated this the women’s day. It’s great protector has been Grandmother Ixmukane, who, together with her partner (husband) Ixpiyakok, gave advice to the Creators and Makers by making a divination with the Tz’ite seeds to form the new Human Being. This Grandmother, who is one of the greater divinities of the Maya world and whose presence has existed from the beginning of times, is the driving force of the female energy in the times of the Maya matriarchy.  Her power and magic have accompanied the world since its origins, especially for women.

The Ch’umil/Nawal of Ajaw B’atz opens on this day the opportunity to reconnect with our feminine conformation, for we, both men and woman, have lost much of it.  In the pyramidal structures, the female energy is that of the 9th platform, meaning the highest level (it is rare to find a pyramid with more than 9 platforms). The pyramids of 8 platforms are related to the male energy.

Let us remember that the female energy is also the energy of Mother Earth, and its fruits, as with women, give continuity to life, to its expression. It is this energy that opens the space of intuition, of magic, all of this because of the relation of the dimensional spaces of Paxil and Kayala (dimensions that coexist with our dimension). In some way it is the expression of beauty and art.

This day of Ch’umil B’atz is of great importance to connect with Mother Nature, preferably to go to the forest or to a park with lots of trees, if this is not possible go to a botanic garden, to the shore of a lake, look at a volcano, at a mountain. What is important is to communicate with Her, even if it is only by looking at the sky. Light green and blue candles, which represent the natural environment, tie each of them with a thread (of the color that resonates with you) turning it around the candle and asking a wish with each turn. Don’t forget to ask for the recovery of Mother Earth. Sit and meditate about the interweaving of your life and how to project your objectives.

Life is a gift given to us by the Creator and Maker, fulfilling our purpose of life is the opportunity that the awareness of being gives us and which is manifested during this day!

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