B’ELEJEB’ B’ATZ ~ Today’s Ch’umil


Nawal B'atz'One of the pillars of Maya teachings is that of finding our center, of living a life of harmony and balance. This concept is present in the practices, rituals, self-development work, and in every aspect of Maya Spirituality. The calendar and the beginning of a new energetic cycle in the count of the days is no exception.

Forty days ago we received the Cholq’ij new year under the auspices of Wajxaqib’ -8- B’atz’, a day in which the power of the material plane and the Sacred Male energy are manifest. After receiving the new year, as the physical manifestation of this reality was born, we began walking a period of peacefulness and integration related to the forty days following a child’s birth. Now that we have transited these forty days, we arrive to B’elejeb’ -9- B’atz’, where the more subtle and spiritual planes manifest and the Sacred Female energy becomes present, so that a balance and unity of each complementary energy occurs. This reminds us of the magnificent dance of the opposites, acknowledging the wholeness created by the male and female, physical and spiritual, mental and emotional, which are all essential parts of each human being. Beautifully, this year B’elejeb’ B’atz’ arises just after the Equinox, during which, synchronically, we have been working on the integral balancing of our being. Let us remember that for the Maya tradition, astrological events such as the Equinox influence us for five days, so this energy is still latent and our work in finding our center is still important.

Apart from welcoming the harmonious completeness of our reality that emerges under the auspices of B’elejeb’ B’atz, we are also celebrating the power of the Sacred Female, as this day is recognized as the Maya day of Women. This is a day to honor women and we give thanks for those women who through their path are bringing their power to the world; we give thanks for the midwives, for the female Ajq’ijab’, and for those women who have connected to their gifts and mission. On this day, let us celebrate the power that lies in the Sacred Female, which is a part of each of us.

Denise Barrios

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