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Interview w/ Lina Barrios

Ceremony with Blue Flame

We were sad to see Lina and Denise leave New Mexico this morning, but we are grateful for all of the wisdom and experience they shared during there time here.  This includes giving an interview for the Future Primitive podcast.  This is a great interview, covering numerous topics including Lina’s

Cholab’ (Ab’) New Year

Stellae in Copan, Honduras

All great civilizations of the world have developed their own form of counting time, their calendar.  Maya civilization developed several different calendars, which they accomplished through their outstanding knowledge in astronomy and mathematics. It is thought they developed thirteen calendars, however only seven have been discovered, with three of them

The Tz’ite’

B’alam was pretty excited to go with his grandfather to the mountain. They left very early in the morning, to the Sacred Mountain of Alux, to pick some Tz’ite’. These are the red beans used to communicate with Chuchqajaw (Mother and Father of the Universe). B’alam went to bed early so that he would wakeup as

The Wayeb

For 5,000 years the Maya have simultaneously used 20 different calendars for various purposes: agricultural, sacred, and predictions, amongst others. The Hab’ is one of these Maya calendars. It has 18 months of 20 days each, plus a small month of 5 days, totaling 365 days. The Hab’ is the most accurate calendar of


Temple in the jungles of Tikal

Ixkotzij (flower woman) and her sister went with their mother to visit their grandfather, Kawoq.  They visited him every 13 days, since he lived far away.  The two sisters were very excited to see him.  He was often smiling, as he liked to tease them, and he always answered all

The Perfect Complement

In order to keep the long-standing tradition, Ixkab’ (woman of honey) finishes the third and final cloth used to make a huipil (blouse) for her youngest daughter. Her heart is joyful, she has woven all the necessary cloths to make her husband’s, daughter’s and her own clothing. Early in the