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2012 Mayan Cholq'ij Calendars   
Friday, December 09 2011
Contributed by: Admin

As many of you know, we have been unable to travel to continue our work with the communities in the Guatemalan highlands these last few years. This has meant that we have not been able to continue our program that brought calendars to the US and made them available for purchase as a way to support those communities. We are overjoyed that our longtime friend, Denise Barrios, has published a 2012 calendar in dayplanner format that is available for purchase at online stores. In addition, Denise has made available wall calendars with beautiful imagery and stories about Maximon (Spanish Only). Click "read more" below for details and be sure to order! We can vouch that the information is top quality and authentic of the Mayan tradition.

Dear friends! We are pleased to announce that the 2012 San Simón Wall Calendar in now for sale! The San Simón wall calendar is beautifully illustrated with full color photographs of over 12 different altars in his honor and representations. Each photograph has a sidebar with a text such as a prayer, poem, a ritual and other information of interest to San Simón followers (text in Spanish only). In addition, each day of the year details the special celebrations and keeps count of the Nawals and the Energetic Powers of each day as recorded by the Cholq'ij Sacred Maya Calendar. Retail and wholesale. Ask us:

"THE ENERGIES OF THE DAY - 2012," and its Spanish version "LAS ENERGÍAS DEL DÍA - 2012"
Aside from the 366 daily predictions based on the Sacred Maya Calendar —the journal's centerpiece— THE ENERGIES OF THE DAY 2012 contains the chapter "2012: The Door to Transition - What it Means and How to Prepare for this Prophetic Year," which offers an explanation and a series of exercises that will help the reader lay the groundwork for this spiritually inspiring event.

Other chapters contain information on the mysticism of the Sacred Calendar, on how the Sacred Calendar is used for healing, on the spiritual aspects of death and reincarnation among the Maya, and a complete description of the Spirits and Powers that rule the days, as an aid to understanding the guiding principles of the predictions.In addition, the book contains a 13-page section on the most auspicious and inauspicious days for love, marriage, work and finances, among 19 of the most important concerns in everyone's lives.
This year's editions are also presented in a larger format and are beautifully illustrated with drawings based on the Maya codices. Hardcover copies are available for the English language version only from on special order and based on demand. Kindle available on Amazon for both languages.
Use these pages as your road map, to record your journey, your intents and experiences, your aspirations and your musings, and to discover what is in store for you in these portentous times! Now get 6% off the cover price!!
Purchase your copy on the CreateSpace eStore, enter Discount Code V27JASJ9 and get a 6% discount off the cover price! (Offer is not available on Amazon)

Links for English:

Links for Spanish:

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