7 No’j – Creation to Realization for Cholq’ij New Year


Nawal NojNO’J is knowledge. This essence is important in the chain of creation, for it’s structure creates balance between material reality and magical reality. The challenge we must overcome is what we know as reason, which is both positive and negative. It has its share of knowledge, which frames us within what’s rational, within the part of the thoughts that is looking for logic and reason within the parameters that delineate the social fact. The other knowledge is the one that we deny or which is dormant, that one that connects us to a different reality, the reality of the energies that form what we call reality, which is ultimately the configuration that we all have learned; to give shape, weight, and volume to everything that exists, this is a world of vibrating energies. In the Creative evolution this Ch’umil is of essential importance, for it gives us the opportunity to foray into the magical part that most of us have restrained, limiting then its purpose of life. As an example we can assure that most people have no knowledge of how they are physically formed, they don’t know how many bones or muscles they have, many don’t know how many organs they have or where they are located, least what their function is. Less do we know the importance of the heart and the brain and its hemispheres, and of how to use them to develop the synaptic creative chain of neurons. Let’s take on the task of learning this, this is a good start.

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