7 Iq’ ~ Today’s Ch’umil


Nawal Iq'Number 7 symbolizes faith, intuition, and introspection. Iq’ represents the wind that activates, renews, and purifies us. The confluence of these two energies allows us to renovate ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Take some time during this day to become aware of the air you are breathing and notice how it is purifying and renewing your whole energy.

Denise Barrios
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  • Martha Colleen Rivera

    Denise, hi usually you make a longer writing so im sending you love hope your feeling good and just busy with your own path to write more on the day. I appreciate these daily post, i read the ch’umils and numbers ti see if i can come up with close to what you write to so i can learn the energies too.
    Be well, blessings and 13 rhankyous for this SERVICE.
    13 Toj

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