6 Ajmaq – Maya Day Sign (Nawal) & Creation


Nawal AjmaqAjmaq is a favorable day to ask for and receive forgiveness for our mistakes. Number 6 entails learning, it represents the tests we need to overcome in order to develop and find balance. Guilt is one of the main obstacles in our spiritual path, use the energy of 6 Ajmaq to transform any hard feelings into inner peace, accept your past mistakes, forgive yourself and others, this spiritual act is the first step to accomplish spiritual growth.

During the Creation of the Universe 6 Ajmaq created the first light were there was no Sun or Moon. 

The book of the Chilam B’alam of Chumayel explains the creation of the universe. It tells that the world was created in one Maya month (20 days). The process of creation begins on the day 1 B’atz’ and ends in a day 7 Tz’i’, when the first 20 days are completed. After the last day of creation comes the day 8 B’atz’ (Cholq’ij Maya New Year). When Maya people celebrate their new year, they celebrate that the creation of the world has been fulfilled.

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