5 Kej -Today’s Ch’umil


Nawal KiejKej represents Mother Nature; its energy connects us to the four corners, the four paths, and the four elements (wind, water, earth, and fire); which are the forces and powers that fuel human energy and give us life. Number 5 symbolizes the center, the ethereal element that elevates our thoughts and prayers. This is a good day to connect to all the elements, to ask for their power and to thank them for giving us life.

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  • Gary Birmingham

    The Element Of The Green Center Is Plasma Our Sun Has Been Having Plasma Showers

  • rock and roll oracle

    Do You Believe In Magic?- Miracles

    Of course you do! Every single moment of your life is a miracle. The miracles in our life happen with such abundance that we often become desensitized to them. This card reminds you that each breath you take is a miracle. It’s time to step back and experience your situation from a place of wonder. Even if it’s an incredibly challenging time, you are still in the midst of the magic of your life. This realization shows us that each magical moment can set your limitations free.

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