4 Kej – Creation to Realization for Cholq’ij New Year


Nawal KiejKEJ is the deer, which is the guardian of the forests and nature. It represents calmness and harmony. It is the harmonious consonance of creation that is manifested from a spark of fire that comes out of a bonfire, a particle of sand, a soft breeze, a drop of dew in the morning, to the cosmic dance of the universe. In the sequence of Creation and how we are influenced by the cosmic-telluric energies, Kej is the transmutation of everything that is prior to the creation of nature. It is like going back to see nature with other eyes, with an other perception. If we have awakened our senses, we can renew our sight! We can see with new eyes. We can hear the trees when they speak to us. We can understand what other living beings are telling us, everything takes a new perception. We are connected to everything that surrounds us, we become an integral part  of Creation. In the cycle change, the Job Ajaw (Fifth Sun), the new Katun that began on December 21, 2012, the vision of the Human Being is related to the Fifth Dimension, which is ruled by ether as an element. In this new cycle everything is charged with more subtleness. In this unfolding of the energies of Creation, according to this new era, we must reach that vision, we must become like the Ch’ol Winq, the complete human beings who have been able to return to the consciousness of nature, return to the Rax Kakulja (the green ray of Creation). Rax Kakulja is a whole and we are a part of that. Kej is returning to the simple, to the straightforward, but with another vision, with no judgement, but completely open and conscious, that is the purpose.

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