4 I’x ~ Today’s Ch’umil & Maya Creation Cycle


Nawal I'xI’x is the jaguar; it represents the feline and feminine energies. It is the strength of Mother Earth, the power of the jungle, the creative forces of the universe; I’x is a day of high magic. Number 4 projects stability; it symbolizes the four cardinal points, the four races of humanity, the four colors of corn, and the four elements. Connect to the magical energy of this day to develop your perception and sensibility.

During the Creation of the Universe, the sky and the earth leaned on each other on a day 4 I’x.

According to the Maya, the world was created in one Mayan month (twenty days). The process of creation begins on Jun (1) B’atz and ends on the day Wuqub’ (7) Tz’i’, completing the first twenty days of the Cholq’ij (Calendar of Life). After this final day of creation, the day Wajxaqib’ (8) B’atz’ arrives, which is considered the Cholq’ij New Year. When Maya people celebrate the Cholq’ij new year, they are celebrating that the creation of the world has been fulfilled, and the beginning of a new cycle of 260 days.

Denise Barrios

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