4 I’x – Creation to Realization for Cholq’ij New Year


Nawal I'xI’X is the feminine energy, the feline energy. It represents life being born from the womb of Mother Earth: the water – rivers, lakes, and oceans.  It is the plants, fish, trees, and the first phase of the Human Being. It is all of this is guided by the woman, the giver of life, and it is given in a matriarchy. I’x is also the magic, the energy that comes from the strength of nature in balance with the cosmos. It is the magic that we had in the ancient times, when all human beings were connected to the Supreme and to the inner being.  It is the time when our vision reached the depths of space, across the entire face of the Earth.  Our communication was mental, through images, and our hands had the power to capture the energy of Mother Earth and the Cosmos. We were the creators of our own reality, the travelers of the Najt (space-time). Now that we have reached the Job’ Ajaw our purpose is to recover that wonderful state in which we lived. We ask I’x, the jaguar that overcomes all limitations, for our strength. Its energy will help us break out of all those things that restrain us, so we can seek to enter into this Fifth Dimension that is emerging.

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