4 Aq’ab’al – Today’s Maya Day Sign (Ch’umil)


Nawal Aq'ab'alAq’ab’al symbolizes the dawn; it is the first rays of Sun that bring light, that bring a new day and a renewing energy. Number 4 represents balance and stability. Use the power of number 4 so that harmony and balance prevail in everything you do during this day. Aq’ab’al brings a renewing force that will regenerate you. Today great opportunities might come your way.

Adam Rubel
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  • Maria Ferreira

    Life is a learning Journey…Looking for the inner-self comforting Zone. I have been fortunate to Discover the Maya way of Living…the simple and never complicated Nature Laws that are unfailable like are beloved Father Ajaw!!!!

    Love Be with All!!!!
    Maria Ferreira

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