3 Aj – Creation to Realization for Cholq’ij New Year


Nawal AjAJ represents the moment in which the foundations are laid. It represents the moment in which the planetary systems, the galaxies, and everything finds its place in the cosmos, in the Universe. Settling is the essence of Aj. The foundations, what holds up all of creation ―this reality― are the energetic forces that hold up the essence of everything we know. We could call them physical laws of the material universe, but these are also the laws that affect the plane of the mental structure and within them the emotional energy is manifested. The spiritual plane is not ruled by this structure, for the spirit is a free essence connected in itself to all of Creation, however, it can stay in a state of hibernation if we do not restructure our foundations and own our reality.

Aj is the cane, the staff of power. It is our home (where we live). The purpose is to develop this energy, to look into our inner self and to project a connection with our spirit.

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