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Home Energy CleansingMuch of our life takes place in our home. Our home is imprinted with our energy, both negative and positive, it is imprinted with our joys and hopes, our sadness and anxieties, our memories and thoughts, our fears and yearnings…thus it can be oversaturated with energy, making us feel stuck. Our home should be our refuge, the space where we recharge ourselves, where we find peace and joy, for this reason the energy of our home needs to flow, we need to renew it from time to time. The best way to do this is by making an energy cleansing, so that the spirit of our house vibrates with positive energy and harmony.

In Maya culture there are several techniques to cleanse and renew the energy of our space. One of these techniques is to work with the energy of the four elements -Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water-.  

We will begin working with the energy of fire. For this we will use a red, a black (or purple), a white, and a yellow candle. We will stand in the center of our home, facing east. We will hold the candles in our hands and we will speak to them outloud, asking that through their flame they will remove any negative energies, that through their fire they will bring light and warmth to our home. Once we have finished praying we will light the four candles in the center of our home, placing them in a cross to each of the four corners: East/Red, West/Black, North/White, South/Yellow.

Then we will work with the energy of earth. For this we will need one obsidian stone* for each room of the house. We will hold the stones while facing West and we will ask them to cut away or repel any negative energy that may come to our home, we will ask them to guard and protect each room of our house. Once we are done connecting to and praying to the stones, we will place one obsidian stone in every room.

Now we will work with the energy air. For this we will use incense (preferably citrus). We will hold the incense in our hands while facing North and we will ask that through its smoke, through the energy of air, it will cleanse all negativity and oversaturated energy from our home, permeating it with all forms of positive energy. We will then light the incense and smudge every room, every corner, every area of our house.

We will then work with the energy of water. For this we will either use water that is found in nature (from a river, lake, ocean, stream, spring, etc.) or we will mix water with floral or rose water. We will place the water in container facing South and we will ask it to use its cleansing properties to remove any negative energies from our house. We will then charge the water with the energy of peace, joy, love, harmony… with any positive energy we can think of. We will ask the water to spread all these positive energies throughout our home. Once we are done praying to and energizing the energy of water, we will sprinkle some water in each room.

April 8 - Chichicastenango - altarWe will finish our work by taking some time to thank each of the elements for their help in the cleansing, protecting and positively energizing of our home. We will also take a moment to connect to the spirit of our home, we will  thank it and we will harmonize ourselves with it.

*These stones need to be previously cleansed and energized: To cleanse them you can smudge them to remove any negative energy they might have absorbed. Once they are clean place them outside on the ground, so that they are energized by the energy of Mother Earth, the energy of the Sun and the energy of the Moon. (Never use salt to clean the crystals or stones. If you want to work with water to cleanse them, use floral or rose water).

Denise Barrios


  • Thank you so much for this sharing ! It will help me to improve my house cleaning routine… to shine and bright in my home like in the interior of me ! :-) Have a wonderful day !

  • daniela garza

    Hola, tengo una pregunta porque no hay que usar agua de sal para limpiar piedras o cristales? Yo normalmente llevo los objetos que uso o que me pongo y les limpio en el río pero aveces si voy al mar me meto con ellos en el mar y luego los recargo con el sol o la luna.
    Gracias por tu conocimiento.
    Agradezco que compartiste este ritual para limpiar el ambiente de energías. Me gusta mucho limpiar y agradecer los 4 elementos
    Con cariño

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