2016 Winter Solstice – Message & Guidance


img_0978For most of the ancient peoples, the cosmic events represented a great occasion. Nowadays these are not as relevant, but even though they are not as present in our minds, they influence us. For the Maya people both the Equinoxes and Solstices mark the beginning of a new cosmic-telluric cycle.

The Winter Solstice is the most important for the spiritual and evolutionary development of the human beings and Mother Earth. The Elders say “The Ajaw (Father Sun) takes five days of rest.” The Ajaw (Sun) settles in one of the corners of the Jun Kaj (the first level of the thirteen skies) and rests there for five days. The cycle that goes from December 21 to December 25 is called the Cosmic Wayeb. For our tradition, this visual stagnation represents a time of reflection, the days of introspection and meditation. This position of the Ajaw gives us a moment of mental and energetic quietness, which also affects the physical plane. This influence flows in accordance with the energies of the Choq’ij Calendar, the Calendar of Life.

This December 21st is influenced by the energy of 9 Imox, which opens a space to activate our internal powers; the development of our vision, intuition, the awareness to find balance between the material and the spiritual. Imox brings with it the energy of the unusual, the energy that breaks the traditional schemes. This Ch’umil is known as the left hand, and it gives us the vision and the intuition. It is also related to craziness, not of mental loss or unbalance, but of the force that breaks with the conventional, with the system.

According to the tradition of the Mam Elders this cycle (December 21), which this year bears the energy of 9 Imox, is the energy of subtleness, of the spiritual openness that comes from Ajaw Imox, who opens dimensional pathways and connects us to the wise ancestors. Our focus should be in connecting with our inner being to develop our internal powers.

This cycle ends on December 25 when it is influenced by the energy of Ch’umil 13 Kan, which represents the strength of energy both in the physical and mental, number 13 is the highest expression of the energy of Kan. We should focus in perceiving the power of Kan and make it part of our existence, to flow with the energy of wisdom that Kan brings, and to accept and provoke the changes both in the physical and the mental.

The process of the Cosmic Wayeb is transcendent for this moment in which humanity is about to face changes in the social, in the economic, and in our relationship with Mother Earth, for which we must be prepared.

The advice is to practice a meditation-focusing. Take some time during the sunset, when Father Sun falls, and light a white, yellow and red candle. Focus your attention in these candles, as they will be the catalyzers of your purposes. During these five days you can make a recap of your year and how you have reached the reality you have forged for yourself. Think of what makes you happy, what you want to change; it is a real introspection, a recapitulation as the ancestors called it.

During these days you can outline your purpose and the course your life should take, you have to program and determine what you want in every level, the changes that you will make and how you will accomplish them. Let’s remember that the power of the mind is infinite.

It is also important to make a projection in a community level, in which we determine the wellbeing of our community, then making this projection expansive to all humanity.

We are living in challenging times and our purpose should be focus in halting all this negative energy; lighting candles, meditating, focusing, or doing our spiritual practices with the purpose of stopping the forces of destruction, racism, hatred, and intolerance. We will change things by projecting peace, harmony, tolerance, awareness, kindness, and compassion. It is also important to focus in the destiny of Mother Earth and us, human beings. Our thoughts and vision, together with the power of our heart and our mind, should also be guided stop the harm we are causing Mother Earth, how we are affecting her and creating climate change, hydrologic stress, deforestation, etc. We must project a real change to stop the madness toward which our countries, especially the great world leaders, are taking us.

Let’s become human again!

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