13 Aj – Today’s Maya Day Sign (Ch’umil)


Nawal AjAj symbolizes the return to our home, to our place of origin, to the Tab’al or sacred Maya altar, to the place where higher energies converge and manifest. Number 13 contains strength and wisdom; it is a number that has gained the experience. This is a good day to nurture your body, to gather energy and regain you inner strength; a day to respect your body, which is the physical home and altar of your spirit, remember that your soul has chosen the perfect altar to fulfill its life purpose. This is the last day of the Imox trecena (thirteen days) thank this Ch’umil for the intuition it has granted you.

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  • anonymous guest

    thank you for this community. it is a beautiful, wonderful lineage and
    intrepretation and translating thats fills the missing piece with
    others, more masculine oriented. SaqBe bridges and is inclusive of The Sacred Matrilineal (true matrilineal honors the differences and distinctions amongst eachother and in all things, like mother nature) and Feminine.


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