11 Imox – Creation to Realization for Cholq’ij New Year


Nawal ImoxIMOX The importance of this Ch’umil is that its energy brings the seed of the Ixim (maize). Imox is the anagram of Ixim. The Ixim was brought here from another dimension and from it the present humanity was shaped. This entails that in the concatenation of the energies of Creation, this Ch’umil becomes magical, it is the one that breaks the structures, the one that manifests the internal powers such as vision, intuition, dreams. Everything that Ch’umil Tz’ikin provides you, Imox develops. This energy is the one that connects our left side of the body. It is the energy of the left hand, which is the one that connects us to our magical side. This Ch’umil acquires much importance in these times of the Job Ajaw, the new cycle that brings the evolutionary changes and which is the key to the integration of all our powers. It is magic and knowledge fused. It is the new form of reality to which we entered in this new cycle. It is said that Imox is craziness, but this does not mean that one is mentally unbalanced. It is, rather, the strength that allows us to transgress reality and enter to the foundations of our inner knowledge, of our inner powers, of breaking the material structures to make everything become magical and energetic. The inner powers are the twenty senses: the five traditional senses plus intuition, vision, dreams, realization (in the sense of delineating reality), the power to move objects, and all the other senses we have, but which are dormant. It also gives us the power to transform ourselves into our animal of power, our correlative animal. this is called nawalism.

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