11 Ajmaq – Today’s Ch’umil (Maya Day Sign)


Nawal AjmaqAjmaq symbolizes the wisdom of the elders, it is the ancestral wisdom. This Ch’umil provides us with the tools we need to explore the mysteries of life and delve deeper into the purpose of our life, so that we can recognize and understand our essence. Number 11 is an energy that allows us to learn through our experiences and transmute this teachings into knowledge. Open the space for the sacred knowledge, the profound wisdom, and the important lessons, which will help you understand and cultivate your inner self.

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  • miracles for the public, the good people, and those that wish to liberated

    it’s also time to take back residential and self-governance for the people, families, and individuals in the community/neighborhood power, from
    out of control governments, that drain our focus, energy, light, joy from
    the life that humans are meant to live and to tend to our spiritual lives.
    who else sees the bigger picture and the worlwide trend happening? the dwindling
    of power from out of control, developer governments, to become radically smaller (and merely an adminstrative office or perhaps, none) while the true power is being transferred to AND allowing
    cleaned out, honest local governments everywhere to lead, with the CONSENT OF THE PUBLIC, whereby local governments SERVE THE PUBLIC AND PEOPLE/RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS AS PUBLIC SERVANTS (not the other way around).

    one day (date not yet known), there will no longer be a sole “president” leading
    an entire country …. but, many public chosen representatives to meet (as it
    was generations before) … and not to save, but to assist, encourage, and promote the genuine liberation
    and independence.

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