1 No’j – Today’s Nawal & Prayer for New Trecena


Nawal NojNo’j is the connection between the Cosmic Mind and the human mind; it is the power of the mind, of thoughts and ideas. No’j represents patience, nobility clarity and sublime love. Number 1 is an energy that brings creativity and innovation; it represents unity and the beginning. During this trecena (thirteen days) No’j will nurture your mind with the ideas, creativity, and clarity you need for your personal growth.

Prayer from Pedro Ixchop for No’j

On this sacred day of No’j, Ajaw, grant me the wisdom, the good intelligence, so that I can use it to benefit everyone around me. I ask you Ajaw that my intelligence is as soft as cotton, that it expands and that it can understand other world wisdoms; that I can understand and absorb the love for the wisdom of my ancestors, Ajaw. You, Ajaw, are the owner, the giver, the donor, and the bestower of the intelligence of all the creatures over the face of the Heart of Mother Earth. Let my wisdom be righteous and correct, without any influences that can bring insanity and which can harm my intelligence, Ajaw, Heart of the Sky and Heart of Mother Earth. Ajaw, I ask you to give me thoughts that are tolerant and that will sustain the peace at my home. Maltiox, Maltiox, Maltiox, and four times Maltiox.  

Ajaw Great Father of Supreme Being

Maltiox Thank you

Denise Barrios

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