1 Kawoq – Today’s Ch’umil and Trecena Prayer


Nawal KawoqKawoq represents the group; the family, the community, society. Number 1 symbolizes the force of creation. Strength lies in unity, and society gathers its strength through our actions and thoughts. Make your personal mission a part of the mission we share as humanity. Contribute with your actions toward the common good. This trecena (thirteen days) gives you the energy of abundance and the possibility of taking actions to improve your family and your community.

Prayer from Don Pedro Ixchop

Ajaw B’itol Tz’aqol I ask you to grant me the gift of clairvoyance during every day of my life. Just like the Sun rose under the sky, it rose over the face of the Earth, and in the same way I ask you, Ajaw, that I find clarity in my thoughts, in my heart, in my feet and in my hands. I ask you that your clarity comes upon my family, upon my daughters and my sons. I ask you to always light them with your divine clarity. My wish Ajaw is that any disputes or trials are rejected and removed from my home, from my path and from my mission. Don’t allow Ajaw that any turbulence or scandal may ever enter my home. Maltiox, maltiox, maltiox and four times maltiox.

Ajaw Great Father or Supreme Being
Tz’aqol and B’itol Creator and Maker
Maltiox Thank you

Denise Barrios

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