1 Aj – Today’s Ch’umil & Trecena Prayer


Nawal AjAj provides us with spiritual strength. It is the energy of renewal, which symbolizes rebirth and regeneration. Number 1 represents the beginning, it is an energy that contains strength and knowledge. This number helps us make significant changes in our life. This is a day to revitalize yourself. Do something different, something you have never done before, this will bring new energy to your life.                                                                                                  The energy of Aj has influence over the next thirteen days (trecena). Flow with this Ch’umil to bring new, renewing energy to your life. Connect to it whenever you need spiritual strength or when you need to connect through its pillars to the Cosmic and Telluric energies. Ask it for the protection of your home, the animals, the plants, and the harvests.

Trecena Prayer by don Pedro Ixchop

I ask you Ajaw that during this sacred day there will only be harmony in your presence. I ask you that there will only be endless harmony and gentleness over the face of Mother Earth. That there will only be endless love in me before your presence Ajaw, Heart of the Sky and Heart of Mother Earth.

Only in you, Ajaw, I find true hope and love, because you are my hope, my gentleness, my clarity, my perennial sweetness, the love that penetrates my mind. I ask that your gentleness and hope will manifest in my heart, in my whole body, because I can feel your true love for this body, because you are the universal gentleness over the face of Mother Earth. I ask that all your children may experience love, because you are the path of hope, of peace and love. I ask that all your children will have faith in one another. I ask that there will be faith in myself, in my home, in my family.  I ask that the feeling of mistrust will be dispelled forever in your presence Ajaw, Heart of the Sky and Heart of Mother Earth.

Maya Elder Pedro IxchopI ask you that when I speak your word it will bring sweetness to all your creatures, to the communities, to all who listen when I speak in the paths of your mission Ajaw, Heart of the Sky and Heart of Mother Earth. You are the one who brings the sweetness to the words for the ears of those who listen; you are the one who gives the wisdom to those who listen to your word Ajaw. I ask you that your sweet words will manifest in the hearts of my children forever and that they will bring them wisdom. Maltiox, Maltiox, Maltiox and four times Maltiox.

Ajaw Great Father or Supreme Being

Maltiox Thank you

Denise Barrios

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